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Ideal to book a 'ready for use' stay , our packages include accommodations and activities or various tourist services.
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On the basis of 4 pers. 1 family (2 adults + children - 16)
For a successfull family stay in Gérardmer! Your accomodation in a classified holiday rental labeled Famille Plus +  preferential rates on family ...
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On the basis of 4 pers.
A family holiday is the time to create memories. Opt for the Family Pass and enjoy supervised swimming at the Union Nautique. And not just swimming! It is also ...
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At your own pace, High Vosges open its heart to you ! Open your eyes and don't miss a thing of this spectacle ! With your hiking guide and hiking map, ...
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Need a weekend getaway? As a couple or with friends, savor the winter landscapes of the Hautes-Vosges. Great North atmosphere guaranteed! Book your ...
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With friends or family, take a break from everyday life and treat yourself to an “all schuss” weekend by going down the slopes of the Gérardmer ...
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At your own pace, High Vosges open its heart to you ! Open your eyes and don't miss a thing of this spectacle ! With your hiking guide and snow shoes, ...
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Quiet and peaceful... Connexion with nature and stunning landscapes inside High-Vosges is a unique experience with family or friends. Fishing on the banks of ...
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On the basis of 4 PERS.
Treat yourself to a week to have fun at the Gérardmer alpine domain. 5 minutes from the city center, 21 tracks over 40 km await you with breathtaking ...