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Do you have any questions about your future stay in Gérardmer Hautes Vosges? Here is a selection of our customers' most frequently asked questions!
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How many nights can I book?

You can book a Holiday rental with a minimum of 2 nights (it depends on the accommodation)
Hotels and Guest rooms : minimum of 1 night
Campsites : minimum of 2 nights
No maximum of nights, you book according to your will

How can I easily find the perfect accommodation ?

You can use the criteria in the list of accommodation :
- Price
- Capacity
- Area
- Equipements and services

How the cancellation takes place if one person of our reservation is sick with Covid-19 ?

The insurance Tranqui'loc we offer when you book your stay covers : "The Insured, his/her Spouse or a member of his/her Family and any person usually living with the Insured has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 prior to the scheduled departure date of the trip."

What are the extra fees?

- 10 € file fees (whatever the rental price)
- an optional Cancellation insurance : 4.2% of the booking amount (with a minimum of 11,00 €)
- The tourist tax (people who are more than 18 years old)
All extra charges (not included) such as linen, cleaning, deposit... are paid on site with the owner

Can I arrive by train ?

We have 3 train stations around Gérardmer : Epinal, Remiremont ou Saint-dié-des-Vosges;
Refer to the bus & train connections on the website FLUO GRAND EST
Or you can choose our taxi transfers (round trip) from the train station to the city of Gérardmer or Xonrupt Longemer

What are the payment options ?

You can pay with :
  • credit card (VISA or Mastercard)
  • Check
  • bank transfer
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Cash for reservations on site (in a limit of 300,00 €)

Do you accept Holiday Coupons ?

We are members of the National French Holiday Coupons Association so we accept them as payment whatever your choices on our website (accommodation, activities, services...)

Do I need snow equipements for my car?

Since November 1, 2021, snow equipment (snow tires or chains) has been compulsory on the Vosges massif, like all mountain ranges, and this, every year from November 1 to March 31.
The roads in the Vosges are well cleared of snow but sometimes the traffic conditions during bad weather snow are very difficult. It will therefore be necessary to think about equipping yourself (snow tires or chains in the trunk just in case).

Do you have accommodation with animals allowed ?

We have a large range of accommodation allowing animals.
You can refine your search by selecting "pets allowed"
On each description of accommodation, it's specified if the owner prefers :
- pets allowed
- 1 little pet allowed (less than 10kg)
- 2 pets maximum allowed

How to book an activity/service on your website ?

Use the search engine for each service: however, it is calibrated for overnight stays. Simply select :
  •     date of arrival: the day of your desired activity (or the date on which you want it to begin) or the start date of your stay.
  •     duration: if it's an activity that takes place over a stay: the number of nights you'll be staying, if it's a one-day activity: a single night.

In case of unexpected circumstances, can I cancel my reservation?

You can absolutely cancel according to our General terms of sale. We also propose you a Cancellation insurance (optional) with extra guarantees to cover you.
Please consult our Cancellation insurance page for more information

How to add activities and services to my booking?

After having chosen your accommodation online you can add activities and services in your cart.
- You can also contact us by mail or telephone
- You can add them in your personal account online

Why to book online ?

Vacancies of our accommodation are real-time on our website. You can book online : quick and safe anytime of the day !

Where can I find the owner contact details ?

After your payment, you will receive a confirmation or voucher by mail.
You will find the owner contact details on it and you will need to contact this person a few days before you arrive in order to organize the keys pick-up and to notify your options or late arrival request

Where is located our Reservation Service Office ?

Our Office is located in the Gérardmer Hautes-Vosges Tourist Office : 4 place des Déportés in Gerardmer

What are the extra options to book?

Each accommodation offers you to book extra options such as linen, towels, cleaning... These options are on demand and you will have to pay them on site to the owner

What are the booking terms and conditions?

Once your accommodation is chosen, you will need to :
- pay a 25% deposit of the rental price within 5 days to validate your booking
- pay the balance 1 month before your arrive
You will then receive your voucher with the contact details of the person who will welcome you on site that you need to contact a few days before you arrive to organize your arrival
If you book within 30 days of your arrival, you will have to pay the total amount of your stay

Need information ?

We are 4 advisers of Hautes-vosges area and will help you prepare your stay !

How to understand the star ranking of furnished accommodation?

Furnished accommodation is ranked by a certified control organisation. They are visited and ranked according to a national scale. Each of the categories from 1 to 5 stars guarantees you a level of comfort and service which corresponds to its ranking.
This accommodation ranking defines the tourist local tax amount.