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    The electric scooter of nature, a new way to discover our forests and mountain stubbles in a fun and original way. Rental of electric scooters at an additional cost (+ 15 € / person) except for groups of 6 to 8 people where the rental of the scooter is included.
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    Nature walk with electric bike with a mountain guide. Electric mountain bike rental as an extra charge (+20 €/pers. for the half day formula and + 10 €/pers. for the discovery formula) except for the groups 6 to 8 people.
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    Explore the natural riches of our mountains! The walk is suitable for the littlest ones (carried on the back) You can choose between walking or nordic hiking options. For each option, the route is adapted and trained mountain guides give you some technical advice. Your guide can come and pick you up to your accommodation adn provide you the equipment. 
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    Discover our trail courses with a mountain guide who will advise you on the different techniques adapted to the terrain as well as on the food side of this discipline.