7 advantages to travel off-season ☺

👓 Outside the tourist season, benefit from a different way of seeing the mountains! Discover 7 advantages to travel off-season Gérardmer Hautes Vosges

So give preference to 🌼 Spring and 🍂 Autumn (excluding bridges); these are ideal times to recharge your batteries in complete freedom and take a break...

⚡ 1st advantage: Privacy and wide-open spaces

The low season is an optimal time to enjoy nature in complete serenity. Natural sites are less crowded, so you can enjoy the scenery 100% without the crowds. So don't hesitate to book: it's also ideal for sports enthusiasts in the great outdoors. And it saves you extra stress!

⚡ 2nd advantage: Save money 👛

In low season, we inevitably offer attractive rates: enough to save you money on your vacation! An opportunity to extend your stay or add activities/services to your accommodation!

⚡ 3rd advantage: Take advantage of events in Gérardmer Hautes Vosges

In spring, you can discover certain events such as: the Daffodil Festival every other year, the Electro Mountain Festival, the Rallye Vosges Grand Est or the Rencontres du Cinéma. At the end of January, the famous Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival... In short, there are plenty of events to choose from in the low season!

⚡ 4th advantage: Greater flexibility of activities and accommodation.

Fewer people = more availability for short and long stays! Use our search engine to find your availability. You'll have more choice plus an attractive rate!

⚡ 5th advantage: (more) sustainable tourism 🌿

Fewer people = less pollution! A better experience for both humans and wildlife! and best of all... we avoid traffic jams!

⚡ 6th advantage: More authentic encounters

When you're in the peak tourist season, it's hard to get out and meet the real people, the local population, who are in great demand. This is much less the case in low season, when locals are more available to get to know each other.

⚡ 7th advantage: Support the local economy

By choosing to travel off-season, you're also helping to support the local economy of the destinations you visit. Indeed, tourism is a major source of income for many countries, and the off-season is often a difficult time for businesses and tourism providers. By traveling at this time of year, you're helping these local players to maintain their activity and preserve jobs in the region.