A Zen break in the Hautes-Vosges

Dare to disconnect in the Hautes-Vosges!
5 tips for relaxing in our region 🧘

Take full advantage of a moment of zenitude with our various activities and tips for a totally relaxing stay.
1- Book your solo or couple massage 💆🏻‍

We offer a variety of massages to suit your profile! Massages especially for men, women and even couples. Discover them here
 2- A walk in the woods 🌲

Recharge your batteries with a walk in the woods. The trees offer a soothing presence. Each step brings us closer to nature, allowing us to listen to birdsong and breathe in the fresh air. In this peaceful setting, stress is reduced and the mind finds rest.
So don't hesitate to put on your walking shoes and enjoy a stroll through our majestic forests. Of course, we'll be happy to advise you personally at our Tourist Office counter on walks and hikes.
 3- Take advantage of a market day to discover our local produce 🧀

In the Hautes-Vosges, local markets are a must, where the atmosphere is imbued with conviviality and authenticity.
Under the colorful stalls, a profusion of local produce delights the senses: mature cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, fragrant honeys and fresh local fruit. Passionate artisans share their know-how, while locals gather to exchange ideas in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Between the mountains, this market is a living reflection of the richness and generosity of the Vosges.
Contact us for more information on market days.
 4- A privileged moment at the Gérardmer aquatic and wellness center 🏊🏻

We offer you the vacation pass to take full advantage of zen and fun activities.

Whether you're with family, friends or on your own, this card gives you unlimited access to the aquatic center's swimming pool, skating rink and nautical union in July and August, the Gérardmer media library with the loan of 15 documents (books, films, etc.) and, especially for children, the toy library with the loan of 3 games for the week. You'll also get preferential rates on tickets for the Casino and MCL cinemas, and for shows in the MCL's cultural season.

In addition to the vacation pass, you can also recharge your batteries at the Centre Aquatique de Gérardmer's wellness area: a hammam for 12 to 15 people / a sauna for up to 19 people / three massaging jet showers / a cold bath (between 12° and 14°) / relaxation areas / a 40m² outdoor Nordic pool (water at 30°) with massaging benches.
 5- A winter meal delivered by our caterer to your accommodation 🥘

Enjoy local produce or a delicious fondue/raclette in your accommodation? Our caterer makes it possible. No more stress, we bring everything to your home and all you have to do is serve! All our offers here