PASSPORT Pleasure (for men)

Enjoy a week of unforgettable relaxation with the Passeport Plaisir bien-être!

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Every day for a week, let yourself be pampered by our team
Passeport Plaisir description:
Monday: Thalgo purity ritual treatment (duration: 45 min)

This customized treatment offers you all the power of the sea for a thorough cleansing of your skin. Your imperfections will be reduced, your pores refined and shine controlled.
Tuesday: Presso treatment (duration: 45 min)

This slimming treatment revitalizes the lymphatic and circulatory systems by applying successive pressures to restore lightness to the legs.
Wednesday: Velvet treatment (duration: 1h)

This treatment leaves your skin soft, firm and moisturized, thanks to a salt flake scrub followed by a relaxing massage.
Thursday: Calluspeeling (duration: 45 min)

This treatment removes calluses, cracks and calluses, leaving feet soft, smooth, healthy and perfectly moisturized.
Friday: Californian massage (duration: 1h)

This massage is ideal for absolute relaxation of body and mind. Your esthetician will exert long, slow, fluid movements over your body. You'll relax deeply and leave feeling refreshed.

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